Involving people

We will only know if our services are meeting the real needs of local people and communities by speaking to the people who use them and their families.

What is patient and public involvement?

We speak to many people and groups across South West London and use their feedback and experience to make improvements.

What we aim to do

We want health and care services in South West London to be more responsive, safe and effective. Importantly, we want to make sure no one is left out.

How we involve people and communities

There are different ways for people and communities to get involved in our work. Here are some of the common methods we use.

Get involved in your area

We're speaking to people and groups in your South West London borough - find out what we're doing and get involved.

Come to an event

Find out about events you can join, to hear more about our plans and progress - and have your say!

Engagement reports

Read more about the work we've done and its impact in our engagement reports.

Contact us

Contact your local borough team - we have teams in each of our six South West London boroughs ready to hear from you.